Adult Sunday School

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Pathfinder’s (Co-Ed)- Rm. 204/206

Browder Denniston leads this apologetics-focused class through the Answers in Genesis bible study curriculum each week.

   This community of adults from a variety of life stages and situations work hard to have a ready defense of the gospel (1 Pt. 3:15). They connect present issues with God’s Word and its timeless lessons through biblical, class-wide discussion.

Young Senior Adults (Co-Ed)- Rm. 102/104

   Young Senior Adults is a class of exactly that- Young Senior Adult singles and couples!

   Led by Paul Wingo and Terry Whitworth, they use Explore the Bible curriculum each Sunday to dig into God’s Word.

   As former music directors, both leaders brings a light-hearted attitude to the classroom as they study God’s Word and reach out to the community.

The Bereans (Co-Ed)- Rm. 112A

   Bruce Pilgrim is leading a group of mixed age adults through textual study on Sunday while emphasizing member-ministry member care during the week.

   They use the Explore the Bible curriculum as a launching point for a deep study of scripture that is accessible to anyone, while growing in their active faith as well!

   Their “care groups” ensure everyone in the group remains connected and encouraged.

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R.P.M. (Running with Perseverance for the Master) (Co-Ed)- AWANA building

  This group studies Explore the Bible curriculum with a great desire to grow in knowledge of Jesus Christ.

   It is co-taught by Tim Hurley, Steve Barnes, and James Thigpen.

   They rotate teaching to this class of single and married adults, giving a variety of backgrounds and lenses to help all their group members grasp God’s Word more personally.

Hearts Aglow (Co-Ed)- Rm. 104

   Hearts Aglow meets each week under the teaching of church member and author Peggy Moore (with Bro. James Elrod as Assistant teacher).

   This group studies the Bible in-depth together to see how the whole story of God’s people fits together.

   The Hearts Aglow Sunday School class is a loving and caring group of seniors who don’t act like seniors! They serve each other when needs arise, enjoy regular class socials and trips and their spiritual devotion is active and growing.

   The class invites you to study and worship with them, regardless of your age each week as they study deep in the word.

The Joint Heirs (Co-Ed)- Rm. 203

   Led by Bill Skilling, along with the help of Dr. Joe Chapman, this class studies God’s Word through biblical exposition week-by-week.

   Their small group is made up of adults from 30s to 60s, and all walks of life- whether married, single, or divorced. They talk every week about how scripture applies to life.

   No matter who you are, this class is for you.

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Family Foundation (Adult Families and Singles, 20s-40s)- Rm. 205

   The group studies The Gospel Project curriculum from Lifeway that surveys the entire scope of Scripture’s story in a 3 year cycle. This group loves to serve the community as a team through out-reach and evangelism. As we grow personally and communally in our faith, we hope to refine our foundation of faith to increasingly inform all we do in our families and beyond.