December 28, 2021 Northlake Baptist Church

Is God Really Good?

   On Wednesday Night, December 29th, we will try to answer the question- "Why is there Evil in the world?" I was recently asked to discuss this topic by someone who works in the justice system and deals with criminals and their families. Children in these families are often forced to live in an abusive environment where parents are addicted to a variety of things such as drugs, alcohol, money, pornography, adultery, violence, etc. Children raised in these situations often ask "Why would a loving God allow me to be born into such an abusive situation?" Then tragically, these same children often grow up and follow in the footsteps of their abusive fathers and mothers. Why does God allow this evil to go on?  

     Theologians often refer to this as "the Three Legged Stool." First, God is good. Second, God is all powerful. Thirdly, evil exists. If God is good, but He can't stop evil – Is He really all powerful? If God is all powerful, but He won't stop evil – Is He really good?

     That will be our Wednesday Night Question of the Week. With all the evil that is going on in the world "Is God Really Good?"