January 10, 2022 Northlake Baptist Church

Speaking in Tongues?

On Wednesday Night, January 12th, at 6:30pm, we will study "Speaking in Tongues" which has been requested by several of our Bible study members. Mark 16:17 says "speaking with new tongues" will be a sign of "those who believe." The Greek word for speaking in "tongues" is "glossa" which is a figure of speech meaning languages or dialects. 

     "Speaking in Tongues" is a confusing concept within the various denominations of Christianity. Some of the more charismatic denominations see speaking in tongues as proof of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They believe that people who believe in Christ are "born again" or regenerated, but there is a "second blessing" later in the Christian pilgrimage where the believer is baptized with the Holy Spirit and graced with the ability to "speak in tongues."

     Other Christian groups believe that there is no "second blessing". They believe that new believers are baptized by the Holy Spirit at the moment of conversion. Some Christians believe that the spiritual gift of "speaking in tongues" was the gift of learning to communicate in different languages. Others see "speaking in tongues" as a sign given to the early church during the age of the apostles but has ceased in later generations. ICorinthians 13:8 speaks of a time when "tongues... will cease."

     What do you think? Is the Spiritual Gift of Speaking in Tongues still available today?