July 18, 2022 Northlake Baptist Church

Why Men Hate Going to Church ?

On Wednesday Night, July 20th, at 6:30pm, we will try to answer the question “why do men hate going to church?” I recently received a book review from crosswalk.com called “The Truth about Why Men Hate going to Church.” The book was written by David Murrow who worked in the video production industry for over 30 years and was also an Elder in the Presybterian church.

     He said, “I loved God, but I hated going to church… Sunday morning would find my body in the pews, but my heart was elsewhere.” He summarizes the problem by saying it’s the church’s fault. The church ministries are geared for women. The typical church is built around “traditionally feminine” roles of caring for the sick, caring for children, singing, reading, and socializing.  

     He says “The things that guys are into – strategic planning, sports, competition – these things are frowned on in the church. Church is supposed to be a warm, murturing place where we hold hands and love each other. [The average] Joe probably feels that he can connect better with God outside of the institution of 'organized religion.’ I’ve talked with men who’ve had profound experiences with God while they are out hunting or out on a boat on the water.”   

     While Murrow offers lots of recommendation on how to fix this “men hating church” problem, he recommends that pastors begin with the sermon. “Shorter is better.. if I were going to plant a church, I would preach 10-minute sermons… [also] men are visual learners… so the best thing is for the pastor to actually bring an object into the pulpit when he… speaks. Preach concise sermons built around object lessons. A pastor who does that will have a church full of men in a few years.”

     Our Wednesday Night Question of the Week:

          Will Short Sermons and Object Lessons Help Men Love Church?