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Sunday School

The C&C group has the goal of accomplishing Northlake’s 4 E’s in order to make disciples who make disciples. The small group will center around the study of God’s Word (Exalt the Savior), and will look for opportunities to grow in their ministry skills (Equip the Saved), to offer Christ’s gospel and service of love to the community (Evangelize the Sinner), and to grow in their own friendships with each other, especially in times of deep need (Encourage the Soul). Together, the C&C group will focus on Out-reach (Evangelism and service) in the community, build the community of the group itself (Encourage), and/or further their knowledge of God’s Word (Equip/Exalt). 

Wednesday Worship

The C&C ministry will have worship service Wednesdays from 6:30p-7:30p in Room 206, led by Pastor Corbin Smith. This worship service will provide an opportunity for attendees to exalt Jesus together through a contemporized form of ancient worship, consisting of a dialogue of music, Scripture, and prayer. These services will proceed from a time of Gathering, Listening, Communing, and Commissioning. C&C members are encouraged to take ownership of their faith and lead in various aspects of the service throughout the semester according to their gifting and call.

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Northlake C&C offers mentorship to any C&C folks who would like to participate in a 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 ongoing mentorship with a church leader. Female participants will be mentored by Katie Cargle and Male participants will be mentored by Corbin Smith. Scheduling will be worked out on an individual basis. For more info on these leaders, click the link below!
Learn about our leaders