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Our children's classes serve to disciple children in the knowledge of God’s Word and help to create a foundation that helps them:

  • view the world like Jesus did,
  • love God like Jesus did,
  • live lives like Jesus did
  • make decisions like Jesus did
  • and change the world like Jesus did.


  • Babies~Young 1’s
  • 2’s~3’s
  • Older 3’s~4s
  • K~ 3rd Grade
  • 4th-5th Grade


Our Student's classes strive to create a solid foundation of a knowledge of God and His Word so that they are able to navigate the diverse cultural landscape they face on a daily basis while remaining faithful to Jesus.


  • Middle School Students led by Horace Fortner and Casey Williams
  • High School Students led by Carey and Colleen Whitlow

College and Career

The College and Career Small Group will meet in Room 202 to dive into God’s Word together. The group will use the Explore the Bible discipleship guides to guide their study and discussion together.


  • 18-25 year old's led by Jim and Laurie Boerman

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We offer a diverse set of Sunday School classes each with unique studies for adults from all stages of life. These groups provide a consistent fellowship of both mature and young believers so that all can be mutually encouraged in knowledge and passion to follow Jesus.
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